Bringing Signs and Banners to Events at Arenas in Northern California

Are you looking to attend an event at an arena in Northern California and want to know what you can bring? Learn about bringing signs and banners to events at arenas in Northern California.

Bringing Signs and Banners to Events at Arenas in Northern California

Are you looking to attend an event at an arena in Northern California and want to know the policy on bringing signs or banners? You're in luck! Banners and signs are allowed show by show, as long as the information they contain is not politically, religious or commercial motivated, does not carry obscene messages and does not interfere with the vision of other guests. Oakland Arena guest service representatives reserve the right to ask any guest to remove an Oakland Arena sign or banner. Sometimes, banners and signs may not be allowed due to the request of the performing artist. Check the event page to ensure that your banner or sign is allowed for that event.

Signs, flags, banners and posters larger than 11 x 17 inches are prohibited. Only portable posters and banners are allowed in the arena. Stickers must be removed from any sign. Obscene language or graphic material will not be allowed.

Banners and signs cannot obstruct the view of other guests or cover any permanent signage inside the stadium. The stadium management reserves the right to confiscate any poster considered unacceptable. This policy may vary depending on the event. The BMO stadium welcomes guests who bring signs, flags, banners and posters related to the event inside the building to show fan support during events.

Small, non-professional cameras less than 3 ½ inches long can be brought to the stadium. Skateboarding, skateboarding and skating are prohibited in the Toyota Arena and in any of the parking lots. Please note that any duplicate entry issued will replace the original one for Oakland Arena seats. In addition, it has hundreds of Wi-Fi access points throughout the building to provide levels of connectivity never seen before in a stadium, including new metrics (p.

(e.g., all lost and found unclaimed items are kept in the Oakland Arena administrative offices for 30 days). The stadium's capacity to play NBA games is 17,608, ensuring that Kings fans enjoy one of the most intimate experiences in the league. The stars of the NASCAR Cup Series return to the wine region for what will be their only stop on the circuit in Northern California. Guests, including law enforcement personnel who are not present in an official capacity, are prohibited from carrying weapons to the stadium.

Fans found guilty of public intoxication, use of offensive language, throwing objects, or any other behavior that Oakland Arena Guest Service representatives deem disturbing or dangerous by nature may be expelled from the Oakland Arena. Guests who are in possession of such items will be asked to remove them from the stadium or dispose of them. The distribution of brochures, flyers, flyers or promotional items is not allowed at the Toyota Arena facilities without prior authorization from the stadium administration.

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